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Tremendous value for the money, and our girls love it! They keep wanting to go back.

This place is NOT a McDojo and it is NOT a tournament school. It is more traditional than those other types. There is a lot of tough love at this school, and not all parents or kids are ready for this.

There is a heavy focus on self-discipline, self-defense, and learning the essence of Martial Arts, in the traditional way. You will not hear gratuitous platitudes. :) When something is wrong, you're told directly it is wrong. If you're not putting out 100%, you hear that too.

The school is primarily Shito Ryu based, and as such places heavy emphasis on sparring and Katas. There is sparring every week, and it is pretty intense. Of course the kids love it, but it can be tough to watch for parents. The children wear full protective gear (head to toes including face shields), so they are more well protected than most every other sport.

Because it isn't a McDojo, belt ascension isn't guaranteed and I've seen kids simply not pass the tests. This can be tough for some kids (and their parents), especially those who are use to just going through the motions and being rewarded. Here, you earn it.

Tournaments are not the primary focus of the school. In past 2.5 years that our daughters have attended, there has only been one tournament that the school participated in. It was a Blitz tournament. Of the 9 children that went (1 beginner, 5 intermediate, 3 advanced), 8 came back with trophies and many kids won multiples. The kids did particularly well in Continuous fighting, and that is probably due to the heavy focus on sparring. As a parent, I particularly like not be pressed for tournaments and the tournament fees at every turn.

The instructors are all real deal. By real deal, I mean they've applied the martial arts in the real world in a variety of settings, and they have spent literally decades learning their arts. It is worth sitting down with the master instructor Kermit and learning of his past; you will quickly realize there is no BS going on here.

The school is clean and well maintained; the equipment is modern. There is plenty of space, plenty of mirrors, and 3 different ring spaces for simultaneous sparring. There are separate boys and girls bathrooms as well as separate changing areas.

The children are actively monitored, and nonsense is quickly halted. I randomly pop in to observe, and I've never seen children out of adult supervision or line of sight.

The school does promote growing responsibility, and as the kids progress in the system they can earn the right to become leaders. As they become leaders, they gain some responsibility and authority (stuff like helping junior practitioners). This dimension of the school is great as the kids who earn this level become quite close, and can rely on one another. It is a great peer group creation..... who better to have as a peer group than driven kids with tremendous self-discipline, and the ability to take care of themselves.

There is nothing more precious to me than my daughters, and of all the activities we've tried in the Winter Garden, Windermere, and Oakland area, we've never come across something as great as this. The investment in our children through this school has already paid numerous dividends.

(Parent of two children at the All American Karate Academy in WinterGarden, FL.)
devi mahavir
7 months ago
The teachers and staff are amazing at The All American Karate Academy. This local business is truly teaching, values and strength, respect and commitment. The students all get along and display true team efforts and comradery. I have been ...More
Julie Yetter
8 months ago
This is a great place for you child to learn the disciplines of karate. My daughter loves it. Highly recommend. Teachers are informative, patient and know what they are doing!
Obie Diaz
a year ago
Had a great experience with this school. It's a great facility with a lot of space and the teachers are the real deal. I like a school that doesn't just let any student come in just to take their money. Your kids will learn discipline, team ...More
Chela Edelberger
a year ago
My daughter has been coming to this school for over 2 years now and she absolutely loves it. She was very shy and quiet and ever since joining she has bloomed and become a confident person. You couldn't ask for better Sensei's as they ...More
Ava Split
a year ago
Don't know what I would have done without this facility. My children have been attending for 4 years and they love it. Price is amazing for the services you get.
fernando oliveira
a year ago
I am very happy that we found this school, they teach respect, discipline and Karate! Its not just about karate to them, they care about each child's performance and behavior in school and home. I have two children attended the school and I ...More
Heba Robinson
a year ago
This is the second year for my son at All American Karate Academy. The owners and staff are amazing and my son really enjoys being there. Highly recommended!!
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
My son has been going to aftercare at AAKA for one year and will be returning for the upcoming year. We are happy with the karate instruction, activities, discipline, etc. It is an organized program and is reasonably priced.
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