WHITE TO YELLOW – 9TH KYU                                27 MOVEMENTS, ICHI ATE COHO
                                                                                            TEN NO KATA
ORANGE – 8TH                                                                  CHINO KATA
ORANGE BLACK STRIPE – 7TH                                      PINAN SHODAN
BLUE BELT – 6TH                                                              PINAN NIDAN, ANANKU
GREEN BELT – 5TH                                                           PINAN SANDAN, PINAN YODAN
PURPLE BELT – 4TH                                                           PINAN GODAN, MATSUKAZE
BROWN BELT – 3RD                                                           NAIFANCHI SHO, JUTTE
BROWN BELT – 2ND                                                          ROHAI, SAIFA
BROWN – 1ST / JR. BLACK BELT 1ST KYU                   SEISAN, JION

                                                END OF THE KYU (BIRTH OF THE DAN)
1ST DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                 SEIUCHIN, BASSAI DAI
2ND DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                KOSOKUN DAI
3RD DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                SOCHIN, NIJUSHIHO
4TH DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                KURURUMPA, SEIPAI
5TH DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                SHIHOKOSOKUN, GOJUSHIHO
6TH DEGREE BLACK BELT                                                UNSU, NIPAIPO, SUPEREMPI

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  1. Keep in mind that in addition to the Katas we have more requirements, such as Sparring Drills, Self Defense, Bunkais, Running Miles, Push Ups and Sit Ups, and more..